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05/27/11 11:46 AM EDT

Hooters Brings Wings and Supplies to Joplin Tornado Victims and Workers

Yesterday, a crew of Hooters Girls, Staff and management drove a truck with 5,000 Hooters Wings, bottled water and supplies to the Joplin community to feed the workers and volunteers. They spent the entire day serving the first hot meal that many of the workers have eaten since one of the deadliest twisters ever to hit the U.S. devastated the area 5 days ago.

The Hooters locations in the Oklahoma and Arkansas areas have been collecting donations of baby food, diapers, water, clothing, toiletries and other necessities since the tornado touched down. Hooters plans to bring another truckload of supplies next Tuesday, May 31st.

"I am proud to be part of a community that comes together during times of need," stated Tommy Yardy , Regional Manager for Hooters of America, LLC. "We have received a ton of support and supplies from employees, customers and neighbors to help Hooters bring aid to Joplin."

In addition to the support in Joplin, additional Hooters locations are also raising money to help support employees who were directly affected by the tornadoes that hit Alabama earlier this month.

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