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04/23/14 8:00 AM EDT

Hooters “HootClub” App and Customer Loyalty Program Tests in Atlanta

New mobile app and loyalty framework allow Hooters to customize guest experiences and offers

Hooters “HootClub” App and Customer Loyalty Program Tests in Atlanta

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Iconic dining destination Hooters launched its first multi-channel customer loyalty program with a pilot in the Atlanta market. The new program enables Hooters to communicate more effectively with guests and cater to their personal preferences by offering customized discounts, rewards and promotions. The cornerstone of the marketing effort is the new mobile app called Hooters HootClub, which makes it easy for guests to earn rewards on their favorite food and drink items, stay up-to-date on the latest events at Hooters and register for sweepstakes to win awesome prizes.

“Thirty years old and still growing… pretty awesome!” said Chris Duncan, chief information officer, Hooters of America. “Hooters enjoys a strong following of loyal guests who appreciate the value that we deliver on a regular basis. The goal of the Hooters HootClub program is to personalize our communications with guests in order to reward them with relevant offers and enrich all of their experiences with us.”

To track and activate their rewards, guests enter a code found on their Hooters receipts into the HootClub app from a mobile device or through a web browser. The program keeps a record of each purchase and the more often guests visit Hooters, the more points they earn to be entered into exciting Hooters sweepstakes and earn offers and rewards. Users can elevate their HootClub status level from Bronze, Silver or Gold up to Orange, and keep up with others by tracking the top 10 leaderboard scores within the app. In addition to tracking loyalty points, the app includes a Hooters locator, view of the menu and links to social channels.

Zipscene, the leader in data driven marketing for restaurants, developed the HootClub program on its platform. The Zipscene platform is used to track all guest activity within HootClub to ensure points are accurately awarded and rewards issued. All of the data generated from the program is stored in the Zipscene Data Management Platform (DMP). The DMP analyzes available data to allow Hooters to create personalized and automated marketing programs and messaging for each of its guests. Zipscene also developed the native mobile application for HootClub to allow guests to quickly and easily access every aspect of the program.

“Hooters is well-known for its exceptional guest service and we believe HootClub is a further extension of this,” said Sameer Mungur, founder and CEO, Zipscene. “Using the Zipscene platform, Hooters will now be able to better understand their guests and deliver them even more personalized attention in-store and across every marketing channel.”

The program leverages additional technology from Sparkfly, an Atlanta-based digital promotions company, to streamline the capabilities of its loyalty program. Sparkfly’s patented technology enables Hooters customers to redeem offers at any location regardless of which point-of-sale technology is used. The platform operates across multiple forms of media, allowing consumers to access the Hooters loyalty program through mobile, digital, email and print channels and allowing redemptions to be tracked in real-time

“Sparkfly has worked closely with Hooters to integrate our technology into the brand’s new loyalty program,” said Catherine Tabor, founder and CEO, Sparkfly. “Our point-of-sale solutions will ensure consistency across this omni-channel program, and real-time redemption analytics give Hooters the information needed to enhance each individual guest’s experience.”

Hooters is currently testing its loyalty program in the Atlanta metro market with plans to expand to more than 200 locations across the United States in the coming 90 days, eventually reaching all 345 domestic Hooters restaurants.

The HootClub mobile app is free to download on Google Play, the iPhone® App StoreSM or by visiting on a mobile phone browser.

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