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09/ 4/19 11:42 AM EDT

New Hooters Chicken Chips Replace Potato Chips

Latest Twist on Chicken that’s Majorly Snackable AND Dippable from World-Famous Wing Masters

New Hooters Chicken Chips Replace Potato Chips

Newly available at all Hooters locations nationwide is the newest dish to hit the menu – Hooters Chicken Chips! They look like potato chips but don’t be fooled, they taste a thousand times better, made with Hooters famous chicken that’s sure to leave you craving more.

Hooters new Chicken Chips are crispy, crunchy chips of chicken, just the right size for dipping and snacking to be shared with friends – though you might want to enjoy them all by yourself – and are served with your choice of two famous Hooters sauces. While you can pick from any of Hooters 15 creaveable sauces, don’t miss out on Hooters two new limited time sauces, Honey Sriracha and Korean BBQ.

Enjoy that oh so sweet, tangy taste of the Honey Sriracha with a hefty kick of flavor and the smooth twist on garlic, ginger and spice in the form of Hooters Korean BBQ. Both pack enough punch to keep you satisfied.

If you thought Hooters chicken was amazing to eat in its wing form, the new Chicken Chips with its irresistible marinade and munchable form lets you have even more fun popping them back. There’s no need to make a chicken sandwich and add chips on the side when you can have the best of both worlds and combine meat and chips into one amazing golden dish.

Chicken Chips are now available for dine-in and delivery at all Hooters locations across the U.S. To find your nearest Hooters location visit or follow us at, and


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