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09/29/14 2:19 AM EDT

Support Our Hooters in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Miss Hooters International issues five early detection reminders as part of the #SupportOurHooters fundraising effort during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Support Our Hooters in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hooters, the legendary wing-joint famous for its voluptuous chicken wings and saucy Hooters Girls, is calling on America to #SupportOurHooters in the fight against breast cancer during its monthlong October campaign. With 17,000 Hooters Girls around the globe and a workforce made up of 70 percent women, no other dining destination is as uniquely qualifiedto raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research!

There are five ways to #SupportOurHooters throughout October:

1. Snag your 2015 HOOTERS CALENDAR, $1 from each calendar sold benefits the campaign

2. Grab your PINK BRACELET, give a hoot with a $3 donation and write-in who you support

3. Find your PINK PASSION, look for drink specials with PINK proceeds

4. PINK UP your check, add a cash or credit card donation to your bill, or visit Support.Hooters.comto donate online

5. SPREAD THE WORD through social channels, use the hashtag #SupportOurHooters to share photos and messages of support

All U.S. Hooters locations will kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month by hosting fundraising parties during “Pink Week” October 6-12. Plus, the 2015 Hooters Calendar Girls will tour the country to raise awareness, signing autographs, making appearances and engaging with local communities. To learn more about local Hooters fundraising events, find the nearest location at

Hooters very own 2014 Miss Hooters International and 2015 Hooters Calendar Cover Girl, Janet Layug, is raising her voice at the pink round table, sharing candid reminders for early detection in honor of the Hooters fundraising initiative and Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

Hooters Girl to Girl Checklist:

Five Early Detection Breast Cancer Reminders from Miss Hooters International Janet Layug

o Something to talk about. If there’s one thing us Hooters Girls are known for, it’s being outgoing. Don’t be afraid to chat with your doctor! One in eight women are affected by breast cancer in their lifetime; proactively ask about early breast cancer detection and steps you can take personally.

o Embrace your curves. What’s more attractive than a confident woman who’s knowledgeable about her body? Consult with your physician to learn more about conducting regular breast self-exams; know how they feel normally so you’ll know if anything ever feels out of the ordinary.

o Get checked out. Often. Take it from a Hooters Girl— there’s no such thing as getting checked out too often! Women in their 20s and 30s should have regular clinical breast exams conducted by their health care providers and all women should begin annual mammography screenings by the age of 40.

o Know your risk. Get the conversation started with your family and find out if there’s a history of breast cancer. You may potentially be at a higher risk than average.

o Show HOO you support. Early detection saves lives. Use the power of social media to spread the word to your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and that girl that you “friended” in spin class! Tell us who you support and learn how to #SupportOurHooters in the fight against breast cancer at

The Support Our Hooters fundraising effort will benefit the Kelly Jo Dowd Breast Cancer Research Fund which was developed in honor of the late Kelly Jo Dowd, one of the original Hooters Girls who graced the cover of the 1995 Hooters Calendar. Always an inspiration to her fellow Hooters Girls, Kelly Jo valiantly battled breast cancer for five years before succumbing on May 24, 2007. Throughout her struggle she was courageous and selfless, becoming an advocate for early detection, education and fundraising. Her influence on Hooters culture of service remains as strong as ever. Hooters Girls have raised more than $2 million to support breast cancer research, much of it through the grant in Kelly Jo’s name to The V Foundation for Cancer Research, one of the nation’s leading cancer research funding organizations. These grants honor Kelly Jo and further her mission to educate all women, especially her extended family consisting of some 300,000 current and former Hooters Girls, about the importance of early detection and prevention.

The V Foundation for Cancer Research has funded more than $115 million in cancer research grants nationwide with 100 percent of direct cash donations funding cancer research. Due to generous donors, the Foundation has an endowment that covers administrative expenses. For more information about The V Foundation for Cancer Research, please visit

For more information about the #SupportOurHooters breast cancer research fundraising campaign, visit For a full list of 2015 Hooters Calendar Tour stops and events, visit To find the nearest Hooters location to make a donation, visit

Early detection reminders and recommendations were adapted from guidelines by the American Cancer Society.

To find your nearest Hooters location, visit