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New Unreal Wings

Vegetarian boneless wings with our signature flavor. They’re not just meatless. They’re unreal!

New Unreal Wings New Unreal Wings
Quorn Image

Tastes like meat & tastes like Hooters!

Hooters partnered with Quorn, one of the biggest and best meat alternative innovators in the world, to develop Unreal Wings. They’re a healthier, soy-free, non-GMO and sustainably sourced wing alternative. Tossed in any of your favorite Hooters sauces or dry rubs, you know they’re gonna be crazy good, just like every other wing on the Hooters menu!

Try 'Em Today!

This product contains mycoprotein and there have been rare cases of allergic reactions to products that contain mycoprotein. For more information, please visit Unreal Wings may be prepared using the same equipment used to prepare meat products.

The buzz is Unreal!

Full Throttle Fans

“You’ll be shocked at how good these are, even our carnivore fans are loving them!”

New York Post

“Hooters girls can’t believe new wings aren’t real meat.”


"They even surprised my meat eating friends."


“There’s nothing unreal about what our customers are saying, everyone loves our new UNREAL wings!”


“Move over Impossible Burger, it’s Unreal Wings’ time to shine.”


The new @hooters #UnrealWings are literally that, UNREAL!